Welcome weary venturers!

Follow me! Ill take you on a ride to $ from your lazy boy.

TODAYS CAPTCHA IS: the libel washes the motorway


Many wants and desires I hold;

few dollar bills I've got, truth be told.

Inventory I take to peer at my assets;

have I what is needed to make those bets?

Seems time is at an excess;

and the internet is at my access.

Search the web, found some money adorning spots;

option to bid or sell my what nots.

Ask myself what exactly is it that I tout?

wisdom and inginuity I can bear to hand out!

Typing and surfing I sit at my screen;

I've become a home working machine.

Spend my days emailing, surveying and I-net shopping to get paid;

this ain't so bad, not as I was afraid.

Clickity clack, this board ends in another payout;

my wallet is getting mighty stout.

Last stop on this nite?

why its to advertise my very own website.

The American dream is still alive!!

A lil about me, I am an adult male who has walked miles in quite the variety of shoes
. By all rights, I am completely disabled as per the US government. I qualify for a variety of social services. And, I admit it, I have soaked up my share of societies good will and then some. That grows long though as I seemed to have lost "me" along the way. You see, I believe that we as a species have this need to support ourselves and those we love.  I do have "regular" work being employed as a taxi driver for more than 3 years. In this economy though a position of such will not suffice. This is why I've sought to supplement my income. Having scraped together enough for a computer and internet service, I am discovering a whole new frontier of earning potential online. I invite you now to join me on my road to perdition.

On the "Work from home" page are a few links where you can make something outta nothing.

Chin up buckaroos!

 Now you can help me raise money for charities at: http://www.squidoo.com/poetry-work-from-home

I welcome referrals to other earning sites, if you have one, feel free to go to the "Contact us" page and drop me a line ;')


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